We have no contact information for

James Bays, Carolyn Glotzbach Plds, Mary Ann Knable Wood, and Katy Jo Conroy

If you can provide a snail- or e-mail address and/or phone number for any of them, please tell us. Thanks.

The following folks were in our class for one or more years, but didn't graduate with us. Do you remember them?  If you know any of them, send me an address or email. They will be included on our mailing list and invited to reunions.

They are: Patricia Flanagan, John Flynn, Larry Gelhbach, Julia James, Earl LaRue, David Lilly, William Loyd, Wilma Lynch, Pat Martel, Bonnie Mouser, Beverly Rauck, Richard Rodewig, Doris Sauer, Imogene Schellenberger, William Rau Schmidt, Judy Schutz, Thomas Spatz, Carl Sutton, Frank Talluto, John Wermuth, John Wilburn, and Marian Young.


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